Century Anger Management provides two levels of certification:

  • Level 1 — Content Training
  • Level 2 — Certified Anger Management Professional

The following is a list of all active providers in Montana. Click Here to find providers in other locations.

Level 2 Providers

Anaconda Family Resource Center
Craig Sweet
PO Box 1179
Anaconda, MT 59711
Tel: 4065637972
Anaconda Family Resource Center
Debra Cuny
PO Box 1179
307 E. Park, Suite 203
Anaconda, MT 59711
Alt: 406.563.7972
Deb Perrigo
439 Fairway View Dr.
Laurel, MT 59044
Phone: 406-628-7759
Two Rivers Wellness
Laura Wetherelt
1552 Cartersville Rd
Rosebud, MT 59347
Tel: 4062342929

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